A fost o reală plăcere să particip în cadrul acestei serii de workshop-uri, iar întâlnirile (cel puțin pentru mine) au fost terapeutice. Sunteți o persoană care reușește să inspire doar prin simpla sa prezență și m-ați ajutat mai mult decât realizez în acest moment. (senior medical student)


English Pills 4 Science Skills was a series of 6 workshops for medical students, graduates and young researchers seeking to develop their scientific thinking and communication skills in English. It took place in Iași during February-April, leading up to Congressis 2019. Participants got 12 hours of guided practice, useful resources, and honest discussion in an open, safe, friendly environment.

I designed this program in collaboration with the Medical Students Society Iași, who was in charge of logistics. Future editions may also be run through them, so keep an eye on the SSMI Facebook page for updates and online registration.

Participants’ feedback

The average 5-star rating by the participants was 4.63. Participants appreciated, among other things:

  • showing us examples of “work in progress” and explaining clearly every step of that research, while also telling us about useful tools
  • practical exercises in which we understand better how to apply the theory of reading, interpreting and writing scientific articles
  • a safe environment where we could express our concerns and not feel judged for not knowing 
  • the fact that you answer any questions exhaustively and take into account and adapt the workshops to our feedback


Module 1: Data Pills 4 Research Skills (4h)

  • Part I: Desk Research Skills – reading, annotation, paraphrases, references
  • Part II: Data Skills – collection, processing, description, discussion

Module 2: Writing Pills 4 Author Skills (4h)

  • Part I: Process Writing Skills – planning, drafting, editing, proofreading
  • Part II: Product Writing Skills – content, structure, language, layout

Module 3: Speaking Pills 4 Congress Skills (4h)

  • Part I: Presentation Skills – planning, visuals, delivery, troubleshooting
  • Part II: People Skills – audience interaction, international networking


If you would like to participate in such a program in the future, let us know by using the contact form on this site or by getting in touch with SSMI via their usual channels.

Please note that there can be a reasonable participation fee. Alternatively, SSMI may sponsor or seek sponsorship in order to keep fees minimal or even eliminate them in certain cases.