Brilliant workshop! Very engaging and thorough. Nice variety in tips and hints. Fluent speech and all-round delivered very well. Thank you kindly.

It was a really interesting and informative workshop! I learned a lot regarding the OET and how it weighs up against the IELTS. Your presenting style is excellent! The workshop was very engaging and I barely noticed the 2 hours fly by.


In April 2019, I designed and delivered a workshop about the OET exam for doctors at the International Congress for Medical Students and Young Doctors CONGRESSIS 2019.

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an internationally recognized, IELTS-like exam for health care professionals.  Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, etc. from around the world say they prefer the OET because the topics, contents, and tasks match their specific knowledge and interests. By contrast, in the IELTS exam, one must be ready to express views one does not have on topics one is unfamiliar with.

In this workshop, participants experienced aspects of the exam which are perhaps less obvious or readily available online. By the end, they had their own ideas on how the OET could facilitate their plans and how much preparation they would need to succeed.

 Objectives & outline
  1. Get the workshop started on the right foot
    a. sort out admin and logistics
    b. agree on objectives and format
    c. invite f2f and online participation
  2. Develop familiarity with the Occupational English Test for doctors (OET Medicine)
    a. know how to get the right information
    b. compare OET vs. IELTS Academic
    c. review available resources
  3. Take a closer look at OET Medicine – the SPEAKING test
    a. format and criteria
    b. analyze a video example
    c. discuss traps and tips
  4. Take a closer look at OET Medicine – the WRITING test
    a. format and criteria
    b. analyze authentic examples
    c. discuss traps and tips
  5. Wrap up nicely
    a. sum up and answer (online) questions
    b. map out OET exam dates and practice opportunities in Romania
    c. share reflections and feedback
    d. anything else

For more, see…

  1. official OET website
  2. official OET Facebook page
  3. practice books such as this and this
  4. authorized OET test center in Romania
  5. myself as OET tutor in Iasi & online (use the contact form on my website)