Cred că există o mare lipsă de traducători buni de texte medicale din română în engleză și cred că ați putea să vă faceți loc cu ușurință în aceasta nișă. Majoritatea medicilor știu engleză destul de bine, dar nu au timp. Eu aș fi pierdut foarte mult timp cu traducerea de la 0. Însă, dupa ce ați trimis articolele, cred că am stat maxim 1-2 ore să le verific și să le modific. Deci clar a meritat. Sincer să fiu, eu chiar am fost mulțumit de traducere. (Vlad, medic)


Since October 2018, when I started my freelancing adventure, I have collaborated with European institutions and Romanian medical professionals to translate from RO-EN or EN-RO the following types of texts:

  • online course and interface
  • international legislation
  • literature review
  • case reporting
  • abstract of PhD thesis

The texts covered a wide range of medical topics which tested my linguistic abilities, sparked my curiosity, expanded my understanding and deepened my appreciation for medical science all at the same time:

  • (tricky) bioethics of transplantation, end of life, protection of the embryo, biomedical research, genetic testing
  • (weird) acrometastases and lung cancer
  • colorectal neoplasms and their (subtle) genetic mutations
  • inflammatory bowel disease and its many (nasty) extraintestinal manifestations

In all, 44 640 words in 3 months. Not bad! I must confess that I was not expecting to enjoy translating as much as I have. I am genuinely surprised by this and am looking forward to the next translation challenge!

Fees and alternative options

To check my translation fees, click here. Also, consider translating the text yourself and having my help for editing and proofreading. Alternatively, if you are interested in developing your scientific writing skills, you can involve me in your writing process from the start as your scientific writing coach. In such a case, we will discuss and negotiate the appropriate level of my involvement and corresponding fees.