(RO): Lumea devine, într-adevăr, un loc mai bun atunci când vezi că există profesori ca Ioana, care își pregătește lecțiile cu atât de multă pasiune și dedicare, încât nu încetează să mă surprindă de fiecare dată cu toate informațiile noi și activitățile pline de provocări. De aceea, mă bucur enorm să o am alături de mine în această călătorie aventuroasă. (Lorena, medic)

(EN): The world becomes, indeed, a better place, when you see there are teachers like Ioana, who prepares her lessons with so much passion and dedication, that I cannot stop from being surprised every time with all the new pieces of information and the challenging activities. This is why I am so glad to have her by my side on this adventurous trip. (Lorena, MD)

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My teaching is a direct reflection of my deep commitment to each learner and to (language) education in general. I love to promote and witness “aha moments” that inspire growth and transformation. Also, I like to keep up to date with the latest research and developments in my field.

I can teach individuals, small groups, big groups in face-to-face, online or blended formats. I have an online learning platform with mobile app (for Android and iPhone) and often use online/mobile tools for collaboration and learning.

My strengths are:

  • to teach English for Specific Purposes, such as
    • academic: studying or teaching in English at university, scholarship applications
    • scientific: writing and presenting scientific papers in English, writing research grant applications
    • professional: medical terminology and communication, the OET exams, medical job interviews
    • general: preparation for IELTS (Academic), CAE, FCE exams
  • to provide unique learning experiences that matter, based on
    • my best authentic self
    • student-centeredness
    • language and content integration
    • purposeful use of resources and tools
    • constructive feedback and formative assessment
    • emotional safety, free flow of creativity and humor.


My fees vary depending on the stakes, complexity, duration of the session/course. I always put in time, expertise, and creativity to tailor the learning experience to the learner’s particular needs and style. I give my best, expect your best, and cherish our time. I believe that you should, too.

I always begin with a diagnostic discussion and very careful planning before charging any money. I have to know that we are both clear about your goals and realistically able to commit before I get involved.

My fees range as follows:

  • 50-100 RON / 30-min online “pill” via video conferencing or other online collaboration tools
  • 100-200 RON / 90-minute one-to-one, face-to-face session
  • 200-300 RON / 120-minute small group workshop (2-3 learners)
  • 30-60 Euro / 60-min online sessions and related feedback for 1-3 international learners
  • other, depending on duration, urgency, complexity, group size, course length, etc.
  • no fees for the right cause, if I have time.

I only design and deliver learning experiences based on contracts that we write and sign together. I only accept payment based on the corresponding invoices.

The occupational code under which I am authorized to teach is CAEN 8559.