I can work as an editor and proofreader of educational and scientific materials in English or Romanian. I can edit articles, books, handbooks, coursebooks, dictionaries, brochures (but not advertisements) in various print, electronic, multimedia and online formats.

My strengths are:

  • uncompromising uphold of quality and clarity
  • understanding reader perspective and psychology
  • familiarity with academic/scientific genres and discourse
  • ability to effectively deconstruct and (re-)organize ideas
  • advanced writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • appropriate use of available resources, including online
  • willingness to learn, honesty, and patience.


Editorial work depends greatly on the state of the input text against the desired outcome and effect on the reader. Therefore, this type of service is typically priced per hour. Before agreeing to collaborate, I must see the text for myself and understand your intentions with it. Only then can we decide the appropriate level of my involvement and the appropriate fees.

As of October 2021, my hourly fees can be discussed based on:

  • (for international and corporate clients) the hourly rates available on the Editorial Freelancers Association website
  • (for Romanian clients), a starting hourly rate of 20 Euro for basic editing and proofreading and 25 Euro for more substantive developmental editing.

The different rates do not mean that my work for Romanian clients is any less qualitative. My local rates are lower because I appreciate the challenges in affording quality when you do not live in a high-income country.

Mutual trust is essential in any such collaboration. For my part, I do NOT slack around, stare at the walls or check Facebook while I work on your text at your expense. If I say it took me 3 hours, it means I spent every second of that doing my best to improve your text as agreed, and to optimize the reading experience of your intended audience.

One more thing!

If you are interested in developing your own editorial skills in relation to academic/scientific writing in English, consider having me not as your editor, but as your writing coach.

The occupational code under which I can provide editing services is CAEN 5811.