Ați fost profesionistă,  ați respectat deadline-urile și ați arătat flexibilitate în modificarea unor aspecte din articole. De asemenea, a existat o comunicare foarte bună, ați fost foarte deschisă la sugestii și chiar ați fost interesată to give your best. Apreciez și faptul că eliberați factură și plătiți taxele la stat. Per ansamblu, eu am simțit că am avut parte de un serviciu de o calitate foarte bună și de aceea o să mai apelez la dumneavoastră și în viitor. (Vlad, medic)


I am a legally authorized translator from Romanian to English and English to Romanian, including in the specialized field of medicine and pharmacy.

I have been translating academic and scientific (medical) texts since the early 2000s when I was still a student. After 2003, while being an assistant and then a lecturer at the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Iași, I translated scientific articles, clinical survey questionnaires, official university documents and study records, medical curricula, textbooks, exam questions for international students, etc.


Many translators charge per word and that is certainly one way of carrying out the money conversation. For instance, in one of my recent translation projects, the agreed rate was 0.05 Euro / word from Romanian -> English. This is just an example and not a rule. There were good reasons for it and another rate may be more suitable for a different project.

At the same time, I often get asked “how much for x no. of pages”, and this needs some clarification, too. The amount of text on a page varies greatly depending on type and format (inclusion of graphs and tables, page size and margins, font size and spacing, etc.). In order to accurately calculate the number of pages you need to have translated, we must use the same definition of what a standard page is.

A common definition among translations and which I also use is 1 standard page = 2 000 characters, including punctuation and spacing. Put that way, my translation fees for Romanian <-> English start at 40-50 RON / standard page depending on the topic (general/academic/scientific), level of complexity, and degree of urgency.

Importantly, before I agree to any collaboration and corresponding fees, we must discuss the project. Get in touch via the Contact form and include general information about you, your translation needs, and also any further questions or suggestions. I will respond as soon as possible and we can take it from there.


It often happens that a text that needs translation can be further edited and improved, e.g. to comply with certain publication requirements or to improve readability and facilitate understanding (Romanian researchers, for instance, can sometimes lose themselves and their readers in long, convoluted sentences). To just translate may be an effort not worth making. Sometimes, it is better, even if potentially harder, to unpack and reconstruct the original draft into a translated version of superior quality.

In such a case, or if you have already translated your text yourself and now you need it checked, I may be better suited to work as an editor who also has translation skills.

Alternatively, if you are interested in developing your own scientific writing skills, you can involve me in your writing process from the start as your scientific writing coach.

One more thing!

Whether you decide to work with me or not, here is an important point to consider before contracting ANY translator. Paying for translation work is not like online shopping. If you expect quality, you have to make yourself available for questions, feedback, and support. This is especially so if you are a niche expert seeking translation of highly specialized texts. I would be wary of any translators who do not ask questions or require some input on your part, regardless of how famous or expensive they are.

Also, if you are a medical professional who happens to use GoogleTranslate at work, this study published in the British Medical Journal should give you pause.

The occupational code under which I am authorized to provide translation services is CAEN 7430.