Ioana m-a ajutat în cea mai dificilă și subiectivă parte a examenului IELTS, partea de writing. Mi-a oferit o perspectivă de ansamblu asupra textelor și m-a ajutat să îmi clarific poziția și să îmi îmbunătățesc propozițiile. Astfel, m-am evaluat mai bine și am reușit să trec examenul la prima încercare cu nota dorită. (Gabriela, medic)


An average result of 7+ in the IELTS Academic exam is often required when applying for international scholarships, internships, and jobs. Such a score guarantees that you are an experienced (C1 level) or even an expert (C2 level) user of English. For many study, work and research opportunities, C1-C2 English is what it takes to keep up, do well and be successful all the way.

My experience with helping IELTS Academic candidates dates back to 2008 when I was trained by the British Council. Since then, I have advised and assisted many medical students and young medical graduates. At present, I give private IELTS Academic lessons consisting of mock testing, in-depth feedback, targeted skills practice, and useful tips. I always promote test-related expertise, independence, and self-confidence in the candidate. For that, I employ relevant pedagogies, modern tools and the latest materials from authoritative sources. “Word smart, not hard” is the right mantra.

I encourage all candidates to first use free resources available locally or online (the official IELTS website or British Council’s Road to IELTS).  You may find this is enough or learn what you need targeted help with. For example, the testimonial above comes from Gabriela who, at the time of her IELTS Academic exam, had just graduated from medical school. She self-assessed and I advised her to practice on her own. We only focused on optimizing her writing process and organizing her ideas. And it worked!


My IELTS Academic candidate preparation sessions include a tailored mix of skills practice, mock testing, (self-)assessment and detailed feedback. I always put in time and effort to adapt my methods and contents to the learner’s needs and preferences.

I do NOT agree to get involved or discuss finances BEFORE having the opportunity to understand your specific context, objectives, needs, and to answer your questions. Also, I do NOT begin work or charge money UNLESS we reach a clear, shared vision of how I can help. This includes signing a CONTRACT representative of our mutual agreement and commitments.   

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One more thing!

If English already feels like second nature, good for you! However, do NOT attempt the exam without becoming familiar with it beforehand. I know people who could have easily got 8.5 but failed to reach their target score of 7.5 by a frustrating 0.5. They missed the internship or delayed the job application because they did not practice the test format. Bummer!

So “work smart, not hard” & good luck!