All mentors are teachers. Not all teachers are mentors. Well, to me, Ioana is a mentor, a teacher, and a friend. (Andreea Z., MD, General Practitioner)


Among my favorite sessions are those in which I help young doctors bring their best to their written applications and/or interviews for international internships, jobs or grants. I really like it when we are working towards such a high stakes goal. It motivates me to do my best. Quite often, I have to be the first to push beyond my comfort zone, and I am happy to do it.

Here is what I can help with:

  • becoming familiar with UK/international medical communication standards and research
  • understanding medical interview processes and expectations with respect to professional language and communication
  • preparing your best application (writing, editing and proofreading your CV, letter of intent, other documents)
  • getting ready for the interview (types of questions, ways to answer, when less is more and more is overkill)
  • communicating at your best in a clinical scenario simulation (with normally behaving patients or with difficult interlocutors)

Before we begin, we need to make sure that we are using the right sources of information, as well as the latest, most relevant and appropriate preparation materials available.

Next, we get busy. We brainstorm, produce, analyze and improve our own written drafts, video recordings etc. Ongoing, detailed reflection is essential. I give you my honest feedback and take care not to let it hurt your feelings, but rather fuel your fire. You judge for yourself with your own mind so that you can perform autonomously when it really matters. We can celebrate later, as friends.